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3 Pack silicone nipple (Size Small)

SKU : HT-PI-60282-1
Carefully made to the highest safety standards. High quality Food grade silicone raw materials.

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Product description
Instruction for safe feeding :
When breastfeeding is not possible, this bottle may be used to deliver expressed breast milk or prepared instant formula to your baby.
Always wash your hands before feeding and preparing feeds for your baby
Before first use, wash thoroughly and sterilize
Always wash immediately after use.
Keep the teat in a dry and covered container.
Never leave the teat in direct sunlight.

Cleaning and Sterilizing :

Before sterilizing, wash bottles and accessories thoroughly in warm, soapy water to ensure all milk deposits are removed.
Squeeze the teat to ensure that any residual milk has been removed. Sterilized by immersing in a feeding bottle sterilizing solution according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Before first use, place in boiling water for 5 minutes to ensure hygiene.
Do not clean or allow to come in contact with harsh chemicals. Damage could result.
For your child's safety and health: WARNING!

Before each use pull the teat in all directions. If there are any signs of damage or weakness (for example from biting), throw them away immediately.
Always check the temperature of the feed before offering it to your baby.
Remember to never leave an infant unsupervised while feeding.
Feeding teats must not be used as dummies/soothers/pacifiers. This feeding bottle has been independently tested to ensure that it can be sterilized in all leading makes of steam sterilizers and dishwashers.

Do not drop the teat in sweet substances as this may cause tooth decay and also damage the teat.

Tooth decay occurs in children even when non-sweetened fluids are used. This occurs if the baby is allowed to use the bottle for long periods of the day and particularly through the night when saliva flow is reduced.

Do not leave a teat in direct sunlight or heat for longer than recommended. This may weaken the teat.

Please read the instructions carefully and keep the packaging for future reference.

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