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Silicone Nasal aspirator

SKU : HT-PI-60312-1
This Nasal Aspirator is an effective, safe method for immediate relief of your baby's nasal congestion by brewing mucus from the nose.

Product description
Care & Use:

Squeeze the rubber build portion of the aspirator then gently place the top in one of your baby's nostrils.
Release the pressure from the bulb to draw mucus into the aspirator.
To Clean:

Always wash before and after each use.
Make a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent
Place the Aspirator in and squeeze and release the rubber bulb a few times in order to thoroughly clean the interior.
Repeat the safety just with warm water
For your child's safety and health: WARNING!

This is NOT a toy.
This product should only be used by an adult.
Keep all components not in use out of reach of children's reach.

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