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ชุดแพ็ค 2 ชิ้น ถุงตาข่ายใส่ผลไม้และตาข่ายสำหรับเปลี่ยนผลไม้



แบรนด์ : ปั๊พปุ


Recommendation :

  - Wash and clean every time both before and after use with warm soapy water

  - Put the food in the net bag. Screw the lid on the handle tightly to prevent food from escaping out of the mesh bag.

  - After feeding, use the cover to close it completely. for cleanliness

Caution : 

  - This product is for baby feeding only. not a toy

  - Check the product every time before use. If there is a malfunction torn net bag Should be discarded and replaced immediately.

  - Keep out of reach of children.

  - Check food temperature every time. before feeding the child

  - Do not use harsh chemicals to clean.


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