Baby knee pad set





Key Features:
Sponge pad for utmost safety
Made from soft fabric
Super flexible design for movements without any discomfort
Elastic support for perfect fit
Durable and easy to maintain
Note: The product can be used as both elbow and knee pad.

Type - Knee Pads
Age - 6 to 18 Months
Dimensions - L 15.5 x B 9.5 cm

Product description:
Say no to bruises and let your little one explore the world freely with this set of Knee Protection Pads. Learning to crawl, walk and run is an exciting part of your child's development. These soft and comfortable knee pads protect your little one's knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling. And for toddler's the cushioning prevents cuts, bumps and scrapes that can occur from falling and tripping in playground and cement floors. These knee protection pads are a must have addition to your child's safety gear. 

Items included in the Package:
1 Pairs of Knee Protection Pads


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